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Abu Simbel

Located In the south to Aswan, well known with its two magnificent temples that were originally carved out of solid rock on a mountainside in the 13th century BC.

Were moved to the current location after building the High Dam in Aswan which created the massive Lake Nasser and resulted a subsequent rise of water level which threatened to submerge the temples, became an UNESCO world heritage site, so a decision has been taken to save them and started working on that project in 1960 to relocate them to a hill high above the water level of the Lake Nasser, project has taken many years to be finished with high success, massive blocks of rocks were cut and dismantled and reassembled in the new location.

In regard to their historical importance, the great temple was built to honour Ramses II and the small temple to honour his beloved wife  Nefertari.

Abu Simble temples can be easily reached either by coach or by plane, upon arrival you will be escorted in a guided tour in different available languages by a professional licensed tour guides.

DON’T MISS the Sound & Light show in Abu Simbel temples telling the story of the those great temples.