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The third largest city in Egypt.
Lies in the south-west of Cairo on the west bank of the Nile River, 20 kilometre southwest of central Cairo.
The Giza Plateau contains some of the most impressive monuments in the world ; the last remaining seven wonders of the ancient world the Three Pyramids of Giza, also the Great Sphinx with heart of a Lion and a head of a human, nearby is the Museum of the Solar Boats that houses ancient Egyptian boat that was discovered in pieces but put together again.

Close to Giza Pyramids is the necropolis of Saqqara which contains the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser and the Pyramid of Sekhmket, along the way to the city of Memphis that was during much of Pharaonic period was the capital of Egypt.

Other pyramids around the area you can also visit like the Pyramid of Dahshur and the Pyramid of Meidum.

Modern Giza

Giza contains a huge number of modern hotels that houses thousands of tourists all year round and number of restaurants that serve all different international cuisines.

Opera House, it was inaugurated in 1988, an artistic architectural masterpiece of Islamic art, it consists of three theatres fully geared with the latest audio-visual facilities.

A sum of bridges links Giza to Cairo, the oldest one is Qasr El Nile bridge and the newest and the largest one is 6th of October bridge.