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In ancient times it was known as “Waset” , a name that indicates its power , this was in the time of the Pharoas, and later “Thebes” – its Greek name , then its current name “Luxor “ the Arabic name due to huge number of temples that the Arabs considered as palaces ( Al-Uqsur in Arabic ).

Luxor gained its importance throughout the history and back to around 2000 BC till today as one the most important cities in the world , in the ancient times it was the capital of the new kingdom of the Pharaonic period and remained for centuries the most important city in Egypt with its great political , economic , military and religious position.

Today Luxor remains one of the most important cities in the world as a historical city which contains third of the monuments of the world , it’s an open air  museum where the temples and structures remained for thousands of years beautifully preserved , along with the temples of Karnak , Luxor temple and the necropolis of the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens  in the west bank of Luxor city , also the Necropolis of Nobles and the funeral temples like Hatshepsut temple and Madinet Habu temple and many other fabulous antiquities and monuments that will take your breath away .

Don’t miss the Sound and Light show in Karnak in several languages which tells the story of the temples.

Other places to see

To the north of Luxor there are two important temples that can’t be missed, one of them is the Dendara temple dedicated to the Goddess Hathur, it is one of the very well preserved temples in Egypt and to the north of Dendara temple lies the temple of Abydos built by King Seti First and finished by king Ramses II, they can be reached by either motor coach or a day cruise from Luxor.