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Western Desert

The desert is one of the mysterious places on earth where normal rules about living are suspended or even absent.
The Western Desert of Egypt lies to the West of Egypt and stretches to the borders of Libya.

Egypt is 95% desert and only 5% that lies alongside the Nile River, though people are beginning to value the overlooked desert, this great wilderness which is a place of incredible beauty and wild solitude.

Egyptian desert is not a dead world or an empty world but it is full of life where you can find fossils, flint scrapers, lizards, beetles, fixes, falcons etc…

Also Monastic and Spiritual folk have travelled to the desert since the beginning of history to get away from distractions of life and to find a communion between man and the nature. some of those monasteries are still there far from civilization.

Most important sites to visit in the Western Desert

The White desert, the Black desert, the Whale Valley, El Qasr, Deir el Haggar temple, Ain Um El Dabadib fortress, El Bagawat with its Chapel.

Also a serie of marvellous Oases in the low parts of the desert,  the beauty of the nature in this part of the world can make you easily threw all your worries and all distractions of life off your shoulders  and each oasis has its own character;  El Fayum oasis, Bahariya oasis, Farafra oasis, Dakhla oasis, Kharga oasis and Siwa oasis.