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Around 225 kilometres to the north west of Cairo lies the Egypt’s second largest city “Alexandria “,   with a population of Four million , it is one of the oldest cities in Egypt and was established by Alexander the Great in around 332 BC in the site of a small village called Rhakotis, Alexandria is now a days known as “ the pearl of the Mediterranean ”.

Alexandria is the country largest seaport and the centre of much of its maritime activity .
Considered as one the finest summer resort with its long and beautiful sandy beaches , its cultural heritage , climate of warm summer , mild winters and pleasingly warm spring and autumn months and its cosmopolitan atmosphere gives a Mediterranean feel .

Sites to see in Alexandria :

The beautiful Montaza Palace which was built to a Turkish and Italian architectural design , now it contains a museum in the honour of the Royal family .
Qaitbey Fortress , was built in the 15th century by Sultan Qaitbey  on the site of the old Light House of Alexandria which was one the seven wonders of the ancient world  .

Mosques , the most famous mosque in Alexandria is Al-Mursi Abul Abbas   and   Al-Attareen mosque .
The Greco-Roman Museum , located in the heart of modern Alexandria , it contains more than 40,000 pieces of artefacts found in and around the city ,  some of them go back to the 332 BC , the museum founded in the 19th century and today is one of the most attractive sites to the visitors of Alexandria along with the National Museum of Alexandria.

Roman Amphitheatre at Kom El Dekka
Popmey’s Pillar  which goes back to the 3rd century
The ancient Catacombs at Kom El Shokkafa  which has a mix of Pharaonic and Greco-Roman art  .
The Library of Alexandria ( La Bibliotheca Alexandrina ) was open to visitors in 2002 near the old site of the ancient Library of Alexandria.

it has specialised libraries for children , blind or visually impaired , also sections dedicated to the arts multimedia and audiovisual also a big collection of rare books .